Financial Advisor to California K-14 Districts

Promotion graphics for an episode of a podcast featuring Dale Scott.
Promotion graphics for an episode of a podcast featuring Dale Scott.

Financial Advisory

DS&C guides clients through the decisions, alternatives and risks they face when entering the capital markets.

Experience. DS&C brings over three decades of experience and an in-depth understanding of all phases of the debt issuance process including quantitative structuring, credit analysis and final pricing.

A Belief in Competition. Through either a formal competitive bid or direct negotiations with underwriters, DS&C is committed to pursuing the lowest cost of funding for clients.

Politically Grounded. DS&C takes the time to understand a client’s internal dynamics and community profile so that the decision to move forward with a project is transparent in execution and strategically aligned with the district’s goals.

Election Advisory

Placing a measure on the ballot requires a strong attention to detail, an understanding of the political process and the ability to listen carefully to all points of view.

Preparation. DS&C helps clients develop a capital plan that addresses both immediate and long-range project needs.

Analysis. Through quantitative analysis of tax rate impacts and voter survey research, critical questions are asked and analyzed:

  • Is there voter support for the proposed projects?
  • How sensitive are voters to various tax rates?
  • What are the plusses and minuses of the upcoming election dates?

Execution. A finished plan is created and used to draft ballot language and develop a public information strategy.

Upcoming and Recent Financings

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